Women in Trades

There are excellent opportunities for women in the skilled trades. Certified tradespeople are in demand in the Nova Scotia labour force. So, if you want a rewarding career, now is the time to explore an apprenticeship program. The Agency is committed to support and partner with organizations such as Women Unlimited to ensure trades pathways that work for women are built collaboratively, barriers are identified and addressed, and more opportunities for women to complete apprenticeship exist across the province. Check out this success story about women in trucking in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

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Women in Trades Office

The Women in Trades (WIT) Office is newly established within the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (NSAA) as a result of two federally funded initiatives. The focus of both initiatives is to recruit, retain and advance women in the skilled trades where they are under-represented, and to provide women with a more successful apprenticeship pathway.

The first initiative, Women in Skilled Trades (WIST), is focused on supporting successful apprenticeship pathways for women in the Industrial/Manufacturing, Motive Power and Service Sectors.

The second initiative, Women in Construction (WIC): Advancing Women in Apprenticeship, is an Atlantic-based project led by Nova Scotia. The NSAA is working collaboratively with NB, PEI and NL apprenticeship authorities to promote women in construction trades and support respectful workplace environments for women apprentices.

The WIT Office strives to facilitate systematic change within the skilled trades in Atlantic Canada. By working in collaboration with eligible employers, the goal is to create welcoming, inclusive workplaces and employment opportunities for a diversity of women.