Become a Certified Farm Technician

Attend a FREE webinar to learn more about the new Farm Technician trade

Employers and farmers are invited to attend a free webinar (online presentation and discussion) to learn more about the benefits of apprenticeship, incentives that may be available, and the registration process for…

Newly Released Report!

NSAA Releases 2020-21 Statistics Report

The NSAA Statistics Report for 2020-21 has just been released. 





2021 Annual Industry Meeting

Annual Industry Meeting and Awards Breakfast: A Learning Workplace is a Healthy Workplace

The 7th Annual Industry Meeting (AIM) took place on October 28, 2021. This was an in-person event with an option to attend virtually extended to…

A Journey to Success

Rafael Tomas, Automotive Service Technician | A story about the struggles of starting over in a new country, and the journey to success.

It is never an easy thing to pack up your life and move to another country. For…

Women Belong in the Skilled Trades

Melissa Cooke, Red Seal Plumber | After a short time working in the plumbing trade, Melissa Cooke’s male colleagues were accepting and ‘treated her like a sister’. But she admits that she had to work hard to get there.

Determination to Succeed

Malachi Gayle, Red Seal Truck and Transport Mechanic | As a young boy growing up in Jamaica, Malachi knew that he wanted to work in the skilled trades. He was fascinated with large trucks and the equipment required to operate…

2020 Annual Industry Meeting

Per the Agency’s Operating Charter, the Board is required to conduct an annual meeting with industry to get information and input for Agency planning and accountability. The Board holds the meeting in the fall of each year.

On October 23…