Benefits of Apprenticeship

Earn money while you learn! As an apprentice, you receive a salary from the employer that hires you. This salary increases as each stage of the program is successfully completed.


  Little to no student debt

Another big benefit of apprenticeship training is that debt loads after completion of apprenticeships are much lower, since apprentices “earn while they learn”. You may also be eligible for taxable financial awards and tax credits. Click HERE for more information.


  Job opportunities

Skilled workers are in demand in Nova Scotia and across the country. A good work ethic, a can-do attitude and a Certificate of Qualification will provide you with the tools to find a job when you finish your apprenticeship training program.


  Mentorship and hands-on training

As an apprentice, you will have an opportunity to learn high level skills through personal, on-the-job training from a highly qualified journeyperson.


  Skills to last a lifetime

As an apprentice, the skills you learn will not only last a lifetime, they will also open doors to other opportunities. You can take advanced training to continue developing your talent and work your way into challenging and rewarding careers in management or teaching. Many tradespeople start their own businesses.

Become an Apprentice

Once a potential apprentice and an employer decide to enter into an apprenticeship agreement, an application package must be completed, signed and submitted to the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency.

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