Forms for Tradespersons

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Blaster Courses (online)

Submit Online  or Print and Mail  1. Blasting Safety Course Application (online)

This course is open to anyone who wishes to become a Blaster Assistant. It satisfies the safety course requirement of the LAE Technical Safety Division. (Note: There is a fee for enrollment.) For more info, see Blaster on the Trades page.

How to Enroll in Blaster Certification Renewal Training - See pg 7  2. Blaster Certification Renewal Training

Journeyperson Renewals, Replacements, Equivalencies

Submit Online  or Print and Mail   3. Renewal Form for CQ/ID Card (for expiring compulsory certified trades only)

Submit Online  or Print and Mail   4. Replacement Form for Certificate of Qualification, Apprenticeship or Photo ID

Submit Online  or Print and Mail   5. Equivalency Card Form (for Certificate of Qualification holders only)

Exam Application Forms (including Trade Qualifiers and Military Equivalencies)

Note: Trade Qualifiers are automatically scheduled for an exam sitting.

Submit Online   6. Exam Application Standard (including Provincial CQ holders)

Submit Online   7. Exam Application Special Sitting (for One Individual)

Submit Online   8. Exam Application Special Sitting (for a Group of Individuals)

Submit Online   9. Apply as a Trade Qualifier (See more Information; National and International Clients)

Submit Online   10. Exam Application Military (See the Military Equivalency List

Compliance Complaint Form

Submit Online  or Print and Mail   11. Compliance Complaint Form (Apprenticeship Regulations)

For more information, call the general inquiries number and ask to speak with a Compliance Officer.

Tradesperson's Tools Tax Deduction (of up to $500) and HST Rebate

The Tradesperson's Tools Deduction provides employed tradespersons with an annual deduction of up to $500 to help cover the cost of new tools necessary for their trade. The deduction applies to the total cost of eligible tools if:

  • the total cost exceeds $1,000;
  • the tools were purchased after May 1, 2006;
  • the purchase was made by an employed tradesperson.

MORE INFO at the Canada Revenue Agency website..

Tradespersons may also be eligible for a HST Rebate on the the purchase of new, required tools.

Update Contact Info and Release of Information Forms

Submit Online  or Print and Mail   12. Update Your Contact Information

Submit Online  or Print and Mail   13. Form to Authorize Release of Information

Landscape Horticulturist Industry Certifications

Landscape Horticulturist Industry Certified Tech Program application (For more info see Landscape Horticulturist on the NS Trades List).

Forestry Sector Apprenticeship Initiative

Submit Online  14. Forestry Sector Apprenticeship Initiative Applicant Information Form

Transcript Request Form

Submit Online or Print and Mail 15. Transcript Request Form

Atlantic Trades Business Seal Application

Submit Online or Print and Mail 16. Technical Training Enrolment Form

Renewing or Replacing

Please select Renew or Replace below, depending on what you need. Only "Renew" if your Certificate of Qualification is expiring and it's in a compulsory-certified trade.

Journeypersons Only: RENEW Certificate of Qualification

Only for expiring certificates in compulsory-certified trades


For lost or damaged cards or certificates