Black Beauty Culture Hair Innovator Refresher Training

Date and time: Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. from September 10/11 until December 17/18, 2022
Training will take place at the Alderney Gate Library in the Maxine Tynes Room, Dartmouth, NS

***Registration deadline has been extended to Wednesday, September 7 at 4:30 p.m.***

Refresher Training

The Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency is working in partnership with the Black Beauty Culture Association (BBCA) and Crown of Beauty Institute to develop and offer a complimentary program to prepare eligible candidates to write the certification exam for the Black Beauty Culture Hair Innovator (BBCHI) trade. This program will allow individuals who have significant experience in the trade (trade qualifiers) to review the content of the Occupational Standard in preparation to write the certification exam.

The refresher course is offered in-person for a total of 90 hours.

Black Beauty Culture Hair Innovator

A Black Beauty Culture Hair Innovator analyzes client’s hair and scalp (identifies hair type and texture); styles, such as with braids, locs and twists; and incorporates extensions, weaves, hairpieces, and wigs. Services may also include incidental cutting, straightening, curling, and hair drying. Natural hair care services do not include the use of chemicals.

Trade Qualifier Fees

An individual who has 2700 hours or more of work experience in the trade can challenge the certification exam as a Trade Qualifier. The trade qualifier fee of $740 will be waived until December 2024 for this trade. There is an exam fee of $148.18 to be paid each time the exam is written.

Once Certified, Employers can Register (and Train) an Apprentice

Marjorie Davison, CEO of the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency encourages those who have experience in the trade to take advantage of the program to become certified and pave the way for apprentices to then enroll and participate in the training program currently under development. “An employer who would like to register an apprentice will need to be certified or have in their workforce an employee who is certified who can supervise the apprentice,” she said. “Offering a free refresher course and temporarily waiving the trade qualifier fee will help those who are significantly experienced in the trade to become a certified journeyperson. They can then supervise apprentices and pass on their knowledge and skills.”

Trade certification and apprenticeship training in the Black Beauty Culture Hair Innovator trade is part of the Agency’s response to an industry request for designation. Black Beauty Culture Hair Innovator was designated as a trade in Nova Scotia on February 16, 2022.  

“The designation of Black Beauty Culture Hair Innovator (Natural Hair Care Practitioner) is a greater accomplishment than I could ever imagine or have done on my own. My late father, Samuel Dixon Sr. represents the fortitude, determination and adaptability that strengthened me throughout this journey,” said trade applicant, Samantha Dixon-Slawter, co-founder of the Black Beauty Culture Association. “It is time for Black Nova Scotians and all those who will be trained and receive these hair care services to be recognized and cared for. In the spirit of the Viola Desmond Studio of Beauty Culture in the 1940s, individuals seeking to have their hair styled using natural hair care practices will have greater access to this type of styling in their own communities.”

Apprentices in the trade will need to complete one level of technical training, including 1800 practical, on-the-job hours and have their skills signed-off by a certified journeyperson. Once these requirements are met, apprentices can then write the certification exam.

Register for the Refresher Program

For more information about the Black Beauty Culture Hair Innovator trade, or to enroll in the refresher program or write the certification exam, contact Bill Michalos, Industry Training Consultant: