Malachi Gayle, Red Seal Truck and Transport Mechanic | As a young boy growing up in Jamaica, Malachi knew that he wanted to work in the skilled trades. He was fascinated with large trucks and the equipment required to operate them. After investigating career opportunities related to mechanics, he discovered that he might be able to follow his interest and earn a good living as a Truck and Transport Mechanic (TTM). As much as he loved the hands-on hours of learning in the shop, Malachi found the course work and the examinations challenging, and at times difficult. A less fortified apprentice may have doubted his path forward, but it only made Malachi more determined to succeed. He sought help from others and took encouragement from his family. His employer, and other certified TTMs at Metro Transit helped him brush up on certain aspects of the trade. When he encountered setbacks, he kept thinking, "Do not quit". Malachi passed the Red Seal examination in December. "If you enjoy doing a job everyday then it does not feel like work." - Malachi Gayle

Malachi Gayle, Truck and Transport Mechanic