Jan Fullerton
  • First appointed for a 3-year term on March 29, 2022; current term expires March 28, 2025
  • Sector represented: n/a
  • Represents: Member-at-Large
  • Committee membership: n/a

Jan Fullerton is the Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association (NSBA), a not-for-profit industry association that supports and represents boatbuilding and repair companies in Canada's Maritime provinces. Jan has a Master of Philanthropy and Non-profit Leadership (MPNL) from Carleton University with over 15 years of experience as an Executive Director of charities and not-for-profit organizations. Most of this work has been with organizations promoting careers in skilled trades and technology, either in general or in an industry-specific context.

Jan is a Director with the Association of Industry Sector Councils, serving on several committees and working groups, and also a member of several national marine-related committees and working groups.