Training for Journeypersons

Apprenticeship is, and always has been, about mentoring and passing along trade knowledge and skills from journeyperson to apprentice. As a journeyperson, you may be asked to supervise an apprentice in the workplace.

As a journeyperson, learning does not end when you receive certification. Several training opportunities, resources & supports are available:

Code Book Update course

Code book update courses may be offered when a new code book is introduced, or when individuals are having difficulty passing an Interprovincial Examination. Tuition fees apply.

 MORE INFO... Contact the Industry Training Consultant responsible for your trade/region to find out if there are any courses being offered.

High school completion for adults

Through the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning (NSSAL), you can use your Certificate of Qualification towards obtaining a high school diploma by attending either an adult high school or Nova Scotia Community College, all while working in your trade.

The diploma requires the successful completion of 12 credits. If you have earned a Certificate of Qualification, you meet the requirements for six electives. Therefore, you would only have to complete six compulsory credits to obtain the high school diploma for adults.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, the diploma is tuition free! However, there may be registration fees and book costs.

 MORE INFO... Please contact the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning at 1-877-466-7725 or visit

Exam preparation info, videos and FAQs

This information will help you to prepare for and write the Red Seal/certification exam in your trade. It includes:

  • sample exam questions
  • helpful strategies and tips for studying, writing multiple choice exams and creating your own study plan
  • information about what to bring to the exam
  • what happens on exam day

Mentorship Training

Mentoring training for industry is happening in a number of different ways and can be offered to individuals or groups. The Workplace Mentoring course is being woven into existing training opportunities, and is also being offered as a free two-hour workshop.

If you have questions about workplace mentoring, or are interested in attending a mentoring workshop, you may contact the Agency toll free at: 1-800-494-5651.

 MORE INFO... is available on NSCC's website

Reader-assisted examinations

If you require the services of a translator, need to have an exam administered to you orally or require other special accomodations, ask about available options. Contact the apprenticeship office in your trade/region.

Upgrading courses

Upgrading courses prepare individuals to write the Interprovincial Examination. These courses are frequently provided by trade union organizations. Contact the Industry Training Consultant responsible for your trade/region, or your trade union representative, to find out if there are any planned or scheduled.