Mentor an Apprentice

Step 1: Identify the skill to be learned

Help your apprentice see the connection between the skill you are teaching and the overall job. For training purposes, it’s helpful to break a skill down into small tasks. This keeps training focused for both you and your apprentice. (There are mentorship resources available on the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum's website.)

Step 2: Demonstrate the skill

Show your apprentice the skill and explain why and how it’s done. Choosing the right time is essential - you need sufficient time and resources. Remember to stress the role of safety!

Step 3: Make time for practice

Set up chances for your apprentice to use the new skill. Be sure the apprentice is ready – practice is the chance to make mistakes that won’t cost too much.

Step 4: Give constructive feedback

Tell people how they are doing. Feedback is a skill in itself - it should describe what is happening and help in planning their next steps.

Step 5: Assess

Regularly assess your apprentice’s work and progress. Record competence in the skills of the trade in the apprentice’s logbook.